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How does Powder Coating works?

The process of Powder Coating starts when polymer resin systems combined with curatives, pigments, flow modifiers, leveling agents and other additives, are melt mixed. After the melting process the mix is cooled and grounded into fine powder.Then, in order to prepare the powder for metal coating, this one goes through a process called electrostatic spray disposition, which is based on applying electrostatic charge to the metal substrate. This method consists on applying electrostatic charge to the powder particles by using a spray gun. This causes that the powder particles become attracted to the grounded part. After powder coating application, we enter the parts into the curing oven, where the heat creates a chemical reaction that produce long molecular chains.

The process of charging, heating and cooling is the responsible for the durability of the powder coated products. Know that powder coating can also be applied to non-metalic surface, such s plastics and , medium density.